Welcome to  Základní škola Všechovice.  Our institute is connected to networks of other institutions using eduroam.
You can get relevant information refer to eduroam from web sources:

National Czech Eduroam Portal
International Eduroam Portal
Eduroam Portal in your home organisation.

How to connect
Three basic requirements must be fulfilled if you want to connect to eduroam.

Your home organisation must be connected to eduroam.

You must have your account in your home organisation which is used for connection to eduroam.
Usually it is name and password or name and certificate. It depends on your home organisation.
Please, read your home information about eduroam.

You must have your mobile computer set up for connection to eduroam.
The connection can be established by means of wi-fi.
Please, read information in your home organisation how to set up your operation system in your computer.
In Czech section there are only guides in Czech language.

Technical parameters of our Access Points

    SSID (wi-fi ID):  eduroam
    Authentication:  802.1x (EAP)
    Security (wi-fi):  WPA2 (recommended), WPA (also enabled)
    Encryption (wi-fi):  AES (recommended), TKIP (also enabled)
    Internet:  IPv4,  NAT,  IPv6